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Mayor of Liverpool’s Education Commission Report

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July 12, 2013
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July 12, 2013

The report of the Mayor of Liverpool’s Education Commission was published this week. In the call for evidence, Curious Minds were pleased to provide examples of the creative learning programmes we have led in schools across Liverpool in the last 8 years. Our evidence advocates for involvement of cultural partners as essentials  to achievement in education. We proposed that we pool resources and work together to achieve more coordinated approach to delivering arts and culture in schools.

The report pays tribute to the great practice and partnerships happening in schools with creative partners.  It outlines a commitment to support those organisations and was highly in favour of their involvement to enhance the curriculum:

We noted the contribution that culture, sports, music, citizenship and extracurricular activities make…..Creativity and entrepreneurship provide the prospect of success in later life…Liverpool already has a wide range of organisations that readily help schools to enhance their curriculum. This should be supported and encouraged

The full report can be viewed here:

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