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The Chance To See Fund The Chance To See Fund is a collaboration between The Lathums and Curious Minds, intended to bring joy, hope and positivity to the lives of Wigan borough's young people.

We believe in the transformative power of creative experiences and are dedicated to unlocking the potential in every young person in the Wigan borough.

Inspired by a lyric from The Lathums' 2021 single "How Beautiful Life Can Be" this fund was created in response to the cost-of-living crisis and inspired by the band’s own successes having had access to music as teenagers and as part of their further education.

Creativity and Joy Amidst Economic Challenges

The band feels a strong calling to give back to the Wigan area, the place that nurtured their creative journey.

In response to the ongoing cost of living crisis, the Chance To See Fund is dedicated to reducing stress, worry, and social isolation among young people by providing opportunities to be creative, build skills, and realise their dreams.

The fund is already supporting young Wigan borough musicians to access opportunities, including attending singing lessons and developing guitar skills!

Grants are available now!

Wigan Borough groups can apply for money to support creative activities with young people. The fund is looking for ideas that make sure all young people, no matter their background, can try something creative.

Charities, groups and clubs, non-profits, and Community Interest Companies in Wigan Borough can apply, even if they're not arts-focused.

Applying for a grant is straightforward. If your organisation is based in Wigan borough and committed to working with children and young people, you are eligible to apply. Simply complete our online application form (link below). Your application will be reveiwed by members of the current cohort of Curious Minds Young Associates.

We prioritise projects that enhance joy, positivity, and hope through creativity. Please read our guidance before applying.
A Chance To See Award for a young individual could start a creative project, pay for classes, spark a business idea, or buy gear to improve creative skills.

It's all about helping ambitious youth of Wigan chase their dreams.

Young applicants must be aged 11-18 and involved with either Wigan Youth Zone, Leigh Youth Hub or Wigan Targeted Services.

They'll work with an adult from these places, who will refer them to pitch their idea to the fund via an application form or video link.

Make a difference with us

Support the Chance To See Fund and give the gift of creativity and opportunity to young people in Wigan.

Your support - whether through donations, fundraising or spreading the word — helps us keep this important work alive. Together, we can create a brighter world, and future, for our children at a time when then need it most.


Your gift - whether a one-off payment or monthly contribution - gives young people the chance to explore, innovate, and dream big. Your support can light up a child's imagination. Let's build a brighter future, by supporting one idea at a time.

Donate and make your mark today.


Ready to make get involved at a deeper level? Join us as a Chance To See fundraiser!

Maybe you're a local business or community group. Perhaps you're an individual who wants to help. We invite you to reach out to us. Your fundraising can change lives and spread hope.

Spread the Word

Help us shout about the Chance To See Fund! By sharing our mission with your friends, family and social networks, you can play a crucial role in fostering creativity and hope in Wigan Borough.

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Every share, mention and conversation helps us reach more people and make a bigger impact. Together, we can ensure that more young people have the chance to see their dreams come to life.