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Curious Minds' new CPD package for teachers and school staff - to help spark curiosity through great trips and visits that extend and enrich creative learning.

We know that arts and cultural school trips can be powerful learning experiences, which create memories that last a lifetime.

Done well, school trips provide engaging and immersive learning opportunities, develop empathy and emotional connection to a subject, and make classroom activities feel real and relevant to the wider world.

Successful arts-based trips can grow the Cultural Capital of your students, which can positively impact their life chances. Cultural experiences can unlock their confidence to engage with publicly funded cultural assets, which can otherwise seem daunting, and spark a lifelong interest. However, without the right preparation and planning, it’s also possible for students to go on a trip yet still miss out on many of these benefits.

Polling of school leaders shows a worrying picture...

Research conducted for The Sutton Trust in early 2023 showed that, due to the many financial and other pressures on schools, trips and visits are becoming increasingly rare - with the poorest students missing out the most.

Half of school leaders reported making cuts to school trips and outings in 2023.


Over two-thirds of school leaders in deprived areas reported making cuts.

This means that it’s never been more important to make sure the trips you do organise have real impact.

We have a strong evidence base on which you can draw...

Through our Curious Citizens programme, we've had fascinating feedback from teachers and pupils on over 2,000 visits to museums, galleries, theatres and other arts experiences. It's taught us a lot about what needs to be in place to squeeze all the value from the time you invest in organising school trips.

In Curiosity Outside the Classroom, we’ll share these insights with you; providing you with knowledge and confidence to advocate for the importance of school trips, understand their potential and maximise the benefits for your students.

What does the course cover?

Through this one-day course, we will:
  • Provide you with practical tools that will save you time and help you squeeze maximum value from school trips.
  • Widen your ideas about what cultural trips can achieve and help you advocate for their value.
  • Help you design an experience that meets the needs of your students and your own aims.
  • Understand the common mistakes made on cultural trips, based on feedback from over 2,000 school visits, and how to avoid them.

Who is it suitable for?

This training is suitable for any school staff who may organise a school trip to any arts or cultural venue, including:
  • Teachers (including NQT’s, and trainees) who may use a cultural outing to enhance their teaching.
  • School Arts & Culture leads.
  • Learning Support staff, Learning Mentors and Teaching Assistants, who may contribute to or support school trips.


To register your interest in this course, email Craig Millar.