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Operations Coordinator Vacancy at Altru Drama
August 12, 2015
16-19s Filmmaking Opportunity with the BFI Film Academy
August 25, 2015
Operations Coordinator Vacancy at Altru Drama
August 12, 2015
16-19s Filmmaking Opportunity with the BFI Film Academy
August 25, 2015
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Curious Minds would like to work with a HR specialist to develop and co-host an event that supports cultural organisations to employ young people on paid work experience, apprenticeships and/or internships.

As a result of our experience of running work-based learning programmes, we are aware that many cultural organisations, especially smaller and newer organisations, are unsure of the legalities of employing and paying young people.  We would like to develop a course that would share good practice, and give them the essential legal information that would enable them to employ young people with confidence.

Work-based learning is a strand of work we will continue developing, so we see ourselves offering a version of this course in a variety of contexts in the future.  We would like to work with a HR specialist to develop the course and any necessary resources, which we would then continue to deliver ourselves.

Proposed Content

The course needs to contain a sufficient amount of detail and information to ensure that employers are confident and understand legalities and obligations.  We will be targeting small grassroots organisations, some of whom may be family-run, or one-person organisations that may be officially employing someone for the first time.  Whilst there will be lots of information to get across, it’s important it doesn’t feel daunting or arduous.  We want the course to be positive and empowering, and to encourage them to be excited about the prospect of employing a young person.

Initial thoughts about content are:

  • What does it means to employ a YP, whether this is as paid work experience/ an apprentice / an Intern / payment for a one off event or casual work? What are their entitlements to sick pay, etc?
  • A look at safeguarding policies & what the differences are between having a young person as an employee and a participant.
  • Recruitment – best practice, working within the funding requirements for a specific programme
  • Disciplinary procedure – writing one, how to implement it in a way that is appropriate to the opportunity & level of engagement by the YP
  • Codes of conduct for YP in their first ever job – including managing absence, mentoring and line management. How to help a YP understand what is expected of them as an employee.
  • Resources created for employers to take away (this may add to an existing Curious Minds resource)


Delivery and IP

Holly Ball is Curious Minds’ expert on delivering work-based learning programmes, supporting both young people and employers to access opportunities.  The successful applicant will work in close partnership with Holly to design the training day, and any required resources.  We are looking for a partner that will view this opportunity as a joint venture and a collaborative process.

Curious Minds has an interactive, facilitative style of training and we would like this course to be in keeping with that style.  It is anticipated that the first training day will be co-delivered with Holly, and subsequently reviewed and tweaked.  We would like to share Intellectual Property for the course, which Holly will be able to deliver herself in the future (with appropriate acknowledgement for our design partner) as will our HR partner (with appropriate acknowledgement for Curious Minds).



£2,000, including all expenses for collaborative designing of the course, delivering it once with Holly, and one review meeting.



Event to be run either November 2015 or early 2016 subject to agreement


How to Apply

Please give us no more than two sides of A4 explaining your suitability to undertake this piece of work and how you would approach it (including a rough breakdown of how you anticipate your time will be spent).   Please note the successful applicant will need to provide us with a copy of their Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance before a contract can be issued.


Please submit your expression of interest to by 5pm on Friday 2nd October 2015. Expressions of interest will be considered by two members of staff, and all applicants will receive responses by Friday 9th October 2015. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to an informal interview.

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