Curious Blog: A Jewel In The Park

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April 7, 2017
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Curious Blog: A Jewel In The Park

Emily Reid, Assistant Headteacher and Specialist Leader in Cultural Education (SLiCE) at St Bernards R.C. Primary School in Ellesmere Port blogs about the journey that brought her to understand the true value of arts and culture in education and also the rich cultural experiences waiting for her pupils, right on their doorstep.

I never knew it was there!

I have worked for 6 years in Ellesmere Port and little did I know that right on the doorstep of my school, hidden in the middle of a public park, was a beautiful old council building. And inside that building was a resource that would prove to be invaluable. Not only to myself but to my school and it’s community.

When I took on the role of SLICE and was paired up with a lovely lady called Jess from Action Transport Theatre. I had no idea I’d be where I am now. A lover of all things cultural.

Over my teaching career I have seen many initiatives come and go, such as Brain Gym. And we all remember the difference that made! But right now I believe I have found something that will have the biggest impact on children’s futures and the personal and professional development of teachers. Arts and Culture should be at the heart of every school curriculum.

Just the simple act of connecting a school with a cultural organisation has provided a plethora of opportunities for learning in school to be put into real world contexts. My school and Action Transport Theatre are only at the beginning of our partnership but an exciting journey lies ahead.

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