Creative Schools NW Event Review – Curious Minds

Creative Schools NW Event Review

Blaze Learning Summit
April 24, 2013
Golden and Blazing Arts Awards
July 11, 2013

The third of our CPD sessions for this academic year titled “It’s the pedagogy underpinning technology use which is important”, took place on the 26th April in Liverpool. This was led by Paul Main who has a particular interest in promoting independent learning and knowledge skills. Paul focuses his work on educational evidence to promote best practice when using technology in the classroom.

This was a very “hands on” session and introduced participants to a range of apps in order to develop active learners and explore new ways to construct meaning. The Sutton Trust reports that through the processes of meta cognition and self- regulation there is an 8 month improvement in attainment.

There are a range of creative apps available as well as subject specific ones. The use of these apps also encourages peer tutoring and personalised learning; this can feed into formative assessment in a very effective way.

So if you would like to know your Socrative from your Nearpod let us know as Curious Minds will be developing a range of opportunities for engagement with digital technology in the next academic year.

For further information please email Jude

A brilliant day last Thursday, it really “got me going

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