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Artist Teacher Association Membership Scheme

March 18, 2015
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March 19, 2015
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The Artist Teacher Association (ATA) is a membership scheme for artists, educators, and creative industries working in contemporary art and pedagogies. The initiators, Patricia MacKinnon-Day and Sandra Hiett, have extensive and successful experience of supporting artist teachers through postgraduate studies. This association supports members in developing their work and careers by providing information, skills, opportunities, resources, promotion and critical dialogue.

Darren Henley in his review of Cultural Education (2012) proposed that  teachers should maintain their practice as artists. There is a lack of high quality engagement with contemporary art in secondary schools and further education (Watson and Downing 2004, Ofsted 2008, Ofsted 2011). Research has shown that Continuing Professional Development that supports the development of Artist Teachers own contemporary art practice is a significant factor in enhancing the art curriculum, young peoples access to contemporary practice and positive role models (Ofsted 2011; Hyde 2005). Furthermore, first hand experience of delivering the Artist Teacher MA programme at Liverpool John Moores University in collaboration with Tate Liverpool and the National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) has demonstrated profound and positive change in Artist Teacher practice and their students experience and performance at external examination and in accessing career pathways in the visual arts. The support provided through the Artist Teacher Associates creates a safe environment for experimentation, risk taking and re-validating personal contemporary practice. Members benefit from peer support in addition to specialist arts and education interventions through the online forum, face-to-face meetings, workshops, talks and seminars.

The ATA will act as a network, bringing together artists, educators, creative organisations and, facilitating critical exchange and engagement with members’ work and strengthening the artistic ecology within educational establishments of the North West..

The Artist Teacher association does the following:-

  • Brings Artist Teachers together to develop curated, contemporary art projects for members and their students
  • Offers opportunities to generate virtual groups and face-to-face meetings to facilitate personal and professional development
  • Has a website to promote practice in a sympathetic and supportive environment
  • Creates critical exchange and engagement with members’ works
  • Encourages sequential projects on a designated theme developed by a guest curator
  • Gives members access to bespoke support sessions, guest speakers and workshopsMeets individual needs, including events at their place of work on request (additional charges apply)

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