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Speaking Up For Culture
March 15, 2022
Making the CASE for Co-Creation…
April 27, 2022
Speaking Up For Culture
March 15, 2022
Making the CASE for Co-Creation…
April 27, 2022

A young(ish) person's guide
to running Youth-focussed events

For the uninitiated, running events aimed at young people can be a daunting prospect, but also has the potential to be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved.

Beth, 22, has currenly finished working with us on an Alternate Saturday Job placement, supporting our Hope Streets youth heritage project. She has been involved in running youth events since she was 14 and attending them for, like, ever.

Who better, then, to give us the low down on the pearls, pitfalls and the secrets of success?


It won't be easy

Don't expect any of this to be easy. Commonly referred to as herding cats - there's so much to consider when working with young people, but it's a worthwhile challenge.

Make yourself a safe space

This generation is more open than ever about personal identity, political views and values. Ask them what's important to them; such as pronouns on badges, awareness of policies such as racial equality, or anything else they suggest.

Set boundaries

Make sure they are aware what they can share with you both legally and personally. Sometimes you will hear things you don't want to know; equally, sometimes they will want to know things you don't want to share, so be firm with your role and who you are to them.

Show respect and expect it in return

If you feel someone is being disrespectful, ask them about it. There’s a chance it's miscommunication. Imagine a group of people with a whole other language and customs. This is why it’s so important to set clear expectations and boundaries.

Speaking of language...

Slang in youth and internet culture is a rapidly shifting dialect. Don't worry when you can't keep up. Feel free to ask them to explain and to tell you what it means. It will have a history. You'll get to hear funny stories and a unique look at their culture. Using slang as a joke is always funny, they may cringe, but you have my encouragement to girlboss...

Keep expectations low but dreams high

Sometimes things work amazingly and you get spectacular results. Sometimes things don't quite hit the mark and you just have to roll with it. It is always a little disappointing when that happens but, if it does, consider the moments, not the entire thing. Focus on that one smile you made happen, or the flame that you might have sparked within one young mind. Taking small steps still means you're headed in the right direction!

Now is the time to get digitally savvy

Have policy in place for creating digital spaces with young people. It's where they all are with a thirst for knowledge, if you know how to reach them. The internet is an ever-changing landscape that is hard to learn, especially with the current lack of sector presence. But it's worth it, even if only on a small scale, like maintaining communication between meetings.

Biscuits are your superpower

Don’t underestimate the power of snacks. Motivation, team building, budgeting... bribery. A good snack should be a part of your toolbox of tricks.

You CAN change the world

Sparking inspiration and growing confidence creates new artists, historians, journalists, archivists - and shapes the future!

Curious to know more?
Follow our Hope Streets Instagram to see some of the work Beth has been doing.

If you would like to talk to a member of the Curious Minds team about our Hope Streets programme or how we can support your cultural organisation to engage better with young people , please get in touch:

Saul Argent

Cultural Education Manager

Kelly Allen

Executive Director of Social Justice

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