Made possible thanks to a £977,000 grant from National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Kick the Dust programme, Hope Streets is a five year project creating a strategic partnership between heritage and youth sectors in the North West.

There’s a Hope Street in almost every town and city in England.

Hope Streets has taken groups of young people on an expedition into the past; to delve into the hidden history of their local Hope Street. Through Hope Streets, young people were able to see that local heritage is theirs to own. It has provided a platform for 11-25 year olds from diverse backgrounds to work with heritage organisations, artists and experts to interrogate, agitate and 're-present' their local heritage to produce Festivals of Hope.

Working with Museum Development North West and Youth Focus North West, Curious Minds has, through Hope Streets, been working to test, refine and embed new models of youth engagement and leadership; to locate the heritage sector at the heart of young people’s services in the region.

Visit the Festival of Hope website to see the work of these incredible young people!

Saul Argent

Cultural Education Manager

The Hope Streets Programme Timeline

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