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Arts Council England hosted a Quality event in Gateshead on Friday 2 November where the Arts and Culture sector continued the ongoing discussion about raising the standards of work for, by and with young people.

This event was young people led, organised, attended, recorded etc.  with the discussion focussed on quality and the emerging quality principles. The debate over this subject continues beyond the event. There are a number of blogs posted which young people and you can respond to at or you can tweet  at #cypquality on Twitter.

This debate is especially important because the voices on show are our young people. In the end it is their views which should play a large part in what we as a sector determine what is a quality offer from the arts and culture sector.

We want to listen to what they have to say and ensure that plays a large part in what they access and enjoy. We can’t force feed young people arts and culture, we need them to be involved in the collaboration of bringing those recipes of success and quality together. So please join in the debate and get your young people to join in as well.

You may also be interested in watching our Curious Voices film where Curious Minds gathered the views of young people across the North West and what they want and need from an arts and culture offer, an offer that’s relevant to them. You can view the Curious Voices film here:


Kelly Allen, our coordinator for Engagement, was present at the event at the end of last week (1-2 November) and she collected the main findings from the young people at the event. Young people directly telling the arts and culture sector what quality is in their eyes and a lot of useful advice on how organisations can achieve this by carrying out simple and common sense approaches.

The event was attended by young people from all over the country and we had four brilliant young people from Burnley Youth Theatre there who in Kelly’s words “did a fabulous job of ensuring that the North West voice was heard.”

All of the young people who facilitated the event were led by our very own Caz Brader, who will be joining us full time from the UFA in December.

You can see those conclusions from the conference in Kelly’s tweets below. But this debate is still live and needs your input and the young people you work with and for. Please encourage them to continue the debate at the links above.

Kelly Allen on Twitter

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