Together In Harmony – Four Years of In Harmony Liverpool

CLOSE / DISTANCE – Education Workshops and Performance
November 20, 2013
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Schools’ Concerts 2014
December 10, 2013
CLOSE / DISTANCE – Education Workshops and Performance
November 20, 2013
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Schools’ Concerts 2014
December 10, 2013
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Liverpool Philharmonic has published the Year 4 Independent Interim Evaluation Report for In Harmony Liverpool

  • Children are continuing to making excellent musical progress  in West Everton Children’s Orchestra and associated ensembles
  • Improved academic achievement in English and Maths at Faith Primary  School
  • Improved School attendance
  • Children are  demonstrating increased confidence, aspirations, teamwork, cooperation, resilience and enjoyment of school
  • In Harmony Liverpool is linking key events in families’ lives with music becoming a normal part of life within the community, generating pride and enthusiasm and positive relationships.


The report by the evaluation team of Dr. Susanne Burns and Paul Bewick aims to inform the development and continuation of In Harmony Liverpool in West Everton.  It builds on the Year 2 Year 3 Interim Reports published in March 2011 November 2012 by the same evaluation team.

Read and download the Executive Summary and Full Evaluation Report here

In Harmony is a national initiative established by Government and now funded by Arts Council England.   Inspired by Venezuela’s celebrated El Sistema youth orchestra social programme, In Harmony Liverpool uses participation in music through the orchestra to transform the lives of children and families in West Everton.

Any child living in the West Everton community, including all children at Faith Primary School, where 4.25 hours of school curriculum time have been given over to daily music-making,   can learn an instrument free of charge and regularly perform in the West Everton Children’s Orchestra and associated ensembles.  With after-school music activities in Faith School and Liverpool Philharmonic at the Friary in West Everton, children are engaged in music-making for up to 10 hours each week, with In Harmony Liverpool providing opportunities for local children to grow and develop socially and musically.

Since it was established in 2009, In Harmony Liverpool has benefited 350 children and their families between 10 months and 15 years old.  Performances take place  in community settings throughout Liverpool and in premiere UK venues including this year, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, the Southbank Centre and side by side with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.


In addition to the headlines above, the report outlines key success factors that include:

  • A focus primarily on one school, whilst also enabling any child and young person living in the West Everton community to get involved in the In Harmony Liverpool programme.
  • High quality partnership working between Liverpool Philharmonic, Faith Primary School, the West Everton community, Resonate Music Education Hub and partner organisations including Liverpool Primary Care Trust.
  • Leadership by Liverpool Philharmonic, ensuring a high profile for In Harmony Liverpool, with inspirational professional musicians providing outstanding music teaching and performance opportunities.


Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries: 

This report confirms what I have long believed – that music and music making has incredible power in helping to develop young minds and attitudes in a positive and constructive way.  El Sistema in Venezuela has a worldwide reputation for changing young people’s lives – it’s brilliant to see the same thing starting to happen in Liverpool.


Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England:

 One of the Arts Council’s goals is to ensure that children and young people get to experience the richness of arts and culture and are provided with high-quality arts and cultural learning experiences. In Harmony is a fantastic example of one of the ways our investment is helping us to achieve this aim.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the sheer pleasure the children in West Everton derive from taking part in this project, and the enjoyment that their families get out of watching it too. It’s hugely rewarding to see the evidence from this latest evaluation, building on that of previous reports, which shows the wider benefits for the children as well as the positive impact on the local community.


Peter Garden, Executive Director (Learning), Liverpool Philharmonic:

Over four years into In Harmony Liverpool, this evaluation clearly demonstrates what can be achieved when a community comes together as one to achieve positive change – using the joy and community of music making through the orchestra centred on children and young people. We are as ever extremely proud of our young musicians.

In Harmony Liverpool has been a catalyst for partnership working and that is bringing many benefits to children, families and the community of West Everton. The evaluation reinforces the need for long term investment and growth in programmes such as In Harmony in this City and throughout England, focusing on how we can best support and empower families and communities. We are still at the dawn of what can be achieved through In Harmony Liverpool.

Ann Roach, member of West Everton Community Council:

I have lived in West Everton since I was a baby, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would see our children and their teachers playing in an orchestra, on stage at Liverpool  Philharmonic Hall, making such beautiful music together! We are so proud of our children and what they are achieving, and we can see the difference it’s making not just to them, but to our families and to our whole community. This is a little bit of heaven we’ve been given and we’re keeping tight hold of it and not letting go!

Cllr Jane Corbett, Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services and Labour Councillor for Everton:

For our children and staff at Faith Primary to be taught by Liverpool Philharmonic musicians, for them to become our friends, and for Liverpool Philharmonic Hall to become like a second home to our community is something very special.  We’re all learning from each other, the educational attainment and health of the children  is increasing dramatically, and classical music is no longer a world that the Everton community is excluded from, it’s now our world and we love being in it!

Download the full press release which includes additional quotes from Dr Susanne Burns; Martin Brookes, Director of the Paul Hamlyn FoundationMatt Griffiths, Executive Director of the National Foundation for Youth Music; and Notes to Editors here

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