BBC Ten Pieces – Arts Award
October 9, 2014
BBC Ten Pieces Champions Projects: The Halle
October 15, 2014
BBC Ten Pieces – Arts Award
October 9, 2014
BBC Ten Pieces Champions Projects: The Halle
October 15, 2014
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“I would like to propose that we let the imagination take its place at the heart of learning, and that we create a climate in which it can flourish. We need discovery; making; doing; exploring; creating; critical thinking; seeing; hearing; experiencing. Children have to be introduced to the arts in every form.” – Michael Morpurgo, 2010

“The arts fuel children’s curiosity and critical capacity. They are every child’s birthright. It is vital that children engage with the arts early in their lives. The arts contribute to the development and wellbeing of children and young people. They inspire future audiences and the next generation of artists and arts leaders.” – Arts Council England, Achieving Great Art for Everyone, 2011

For most people working in the arts and beyond, a first experience of the arts, provided by their school, kick-started a passion, nurtured a skill or influenced their career paths.

It all started in school.

At a time when more and more schools are feeling pressured to focus on fewer arts subjects, we think it’s time to show the impact that that the arts experiences and arts subjects offered to us in school, had on our lives. 

We hope it will encourage the teachers and schools that continue to champion the arts to be bold advocates and we hope it will demonstrate the priority that these subjects should be given in our children’s lives in school.

We are introducing a social media campaign to emphasise how important arts and culture are within schools.

Our hashtag ‘#stARTedinschool’ will be used to spread the awareness of this campaign and we’d like you to use it as well.

We’ve approached a few famous names and a few North West people who have forged successful careers in, or because of, the arts.

But we want you to contribute as well.

Add your voice to this campaign, tell us in just 10 seconds or 140 characters …

What difference did having arts experiences or arts subjects in school make to your life?

Why do you think arts subjects in school, or arts experiences provided by schools, are crucial for children and young people?

Why not want to use this platform to thank an influential teacher or a school you attended!?

Tell us how it #stARTedinschool!

You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Send us a Tweet holding our #stARTedinschool hashtag board, using the hashtag in your tweet – Download the board here
  • Post a ten second video of you responding to the questions above to our Facebook page or send it through  wetransfer.com to paige@curiousminds.org.uk
  • Upload your image or short video clip to Instagram and tag @CuriousMindsNW

These contributions will initially be used as part of a short film for an event we are hosting for schools that have been nominated as cultural champions. We will start a wider campaign to get Arts in schools to the top of people’s thoughts, decisions and agendas.

For more information on how to contribute please contact Paige: paige@curiousminds.org.uk / 01282 435835

Follow the video campaign on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/channels/819944

Visit our Facebook page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/startedinschool

Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/curiousmindsnw

Tweet us using the # (hashtag) #stARTedinschool

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