Nominate Schools as Arts and Culture Champions

young musicians develop better problem solving skills
June 23, 2014
Guardian Charity Awards Invite Entries for 2014
June 23, 2014
young musicians develop better problem solving skills
June 23, 2014
Guardian Charity Awards Invite Entries for 2014
June 23, 2014

Many of you in the *Arts and Cultural sector have asked us how you can support schools and encourage engagement in the Artsmark programme. Here’s one quick way…

Do you work with schools who you’d like to nominate as arts and culture champions?

Schools who regularly work in partnership with you to offer creative and cultural experiences for their students?

The schools you nominate will be recognised regionally, celebrated, encouraged and offered free Artsmark network membership

*when we say Arts and Cultural sector we mean those of you who work within arts organisations, museums and heritage organisations, local authorities, music education hubs and practitioners and artists.

We’d like you to nominate schools you know are enthusiastic supporters of the arts as a way of thanking them for their ongoing commitment, and encouragement for continued arts development. As a reward they’ll be offered free Artsmark network membership by Trinity College London. At a later stage, they may go on to apply for Artsmark, the prestigious award for schools in recognition of commitment to high quality arts and cultural education.

As a network member they will receive:

  • online guidance, support and training for developing their arts provision
  • online forums where organisations can talk to others and share best practice
  • optional face-to-face training courses for schools who want to apply for Artsmark
  • a copy of Creative Pages, a termly arts education magazine

Nominate schools you work with to receive FREE access to the Artsmark network in recognition of their commitment to arts education.

Further information:

  • schools should not be notified by you that they have been nominated, since some may already be network members or be nominated by other organisations. They will receive a formal communication about their nomination
  • please nominate a minimum of four schools – you may nominate up to ten. (We will ensure that they do not already have Artsmark network membership  before contacting them)
  • nominees will be invited to an event organised by Curious Minds in the autumn term. All schools will be informed which organisation(s)/professional(s) have nominated them, as a way of adding value to your relationship with the school

Please do not notify schools that they have been nominated as Curious Minds will be making contact will all schools.

Please download and complete the nomination form:  Artsmark network nomination template

Send your nominations by email to  by Friday 27th June

If you have any further questions please contact

Did you know that nominating schools for Artsmark network membership is a way to demonstrate how you/your organisation works with children and young people? For Arts Council England funded organisations/professionals, it’s also a measurable way to demonstrate your work in supporting schools to achieve Artsmark.

To find out more about how your organisation can connect with Artsmark, visit

*Unfortunately schools cannot nominate each other for this programme initiative 

Artsmark is delivered by Trinity College London on behalf of Arts Council England and 10 regional Bridge organisations drive participation. Curious Minds is the Bridge organisation for the North West. 

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