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Celebrating Artsmark Towns
October 11, 2018
A Question of Leadership
December 6, 2018
Celebrating Artsmark Towns
October 11, 2018
A Question of Leadership
December 6, 2018

Young Artists Team Wanted For Commission

Curious Minds is seeking a team of young, professional artists to create an experience or event that will bring heritage to life in new and surprising ways.

Do you have the ideas and creative skills to re-present local heritage in a way that would engage a wide range of people?

Your creation might look a bit like a pop-up museum, a digital theatre experience, an online game, an immersive performance, it might take place in a youth centre, on the streets, in a museum or online … but we hope you’ll surprise us with something we’ve never even thought of.
Hope Happenings Artist Team

Hope Happenings is the working title for the first ‘event’ in the Hope Streets programme. It will draw on the history of 5 streets across the North West - either a literal or metaphorical ‘Hope Street’ - and explore and interpret the theme of ‘Hope’ through heritage. It will be created by a team of professional artists from any discipline, aged 25 and under.

5 groups of young people will provide the artist team with stimulus materials to create the event. They will research their local Hope Street and give their findings, thoughts and opinions to the artist team to use as source material.

The artist team will be responsible for turning this into an innovative and exciting experience or ‘event’ which will demonstrate the ability of young people to inject excitement and innovation into heritage. It will be a single artistic creation, presented, or engaged with in some way across all 5 sites. For example, it could make use of digital technology and be presented online, with local engagement from each area, or be an installation that tours the five sites.

Whatever is created, the groups of young people will facilitate and support their local area to receive or engage with the Hope Happening.

Information & Applications

Read the full brief here

The total fee for the whole team of artists will be £7,500, which includes a production budget of approximately £1,500

To apply, please send a copy of your individual CV’s and some examples of your previous artistic work (either individual or collective). Please also provide a brief description of your team’s initial thoughts and ideas about how you might collectively approach creating Hope Happenings. This can be provided in any format.

Deadline: 26th of November by 5pm

Pitch/proposal date: Sunday 9th December

Applications and questions to be sent to Saul Argent

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