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'Kickstart with Curious Minds' is a complete wraparound support programme for young people currently undertaking a Kickstart opportunity.

Drawing on expertise from across the Cultural and Creative Industries, and delivered in partnership with leading cultural institutions and innovative grass-roots organisations, the programme focuses on the development of skills we know are essential for the world of work.

Curious Minds will facilitate networking between young people and professionals throughout the programme; to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and improve social networks. Empowering young people to understand what motivates them, what they find challenging, developing their confidence and resilience to overcome difficult situations are all a key focus. Mentored along the way by early career professionals, young people will learn to articulate examples of their skills to prepare them for their next steps.

Our programme will support young people to explore and engage with their local cultural offer, helping them take the lead in planning cultural experiences for themselves and opening doors to physical and digital opportunities beyond their Kickstart placement. The programme is designed to enable the young people to be proactive in making and reflecting upon their choice of arts and cultural visits. Not only will they develop practical skills, knowledge and agency - their experiences through the programme will enable them to develop lifelong appreciation of the arts.
At the end of this course young people will:
  • Be able to articulate examples of their transferable employability skills
  • Understand the value of their networks and their significance to finding future opportunities
  • Have improved knowledge and understanding of creative and cultural careers

Delivery will be a Covid-19 friendly with modules hosted online.

Download further details of the core modules and the optional enrichment modules here.

For further information and to book your place, please email

Holly Ball

Head of Careers & Employability

Are you interested in hosting a Kickstart placement?
Curious Minds is working in close partnership with Creative & Cultural Skills to support a national approach to Kickstart across the creative and cultural sector.

If you are interesting in hosting a Kickstart placement in your organisation, please contact Madeleine Lund who will be happy to help.

Please note, that whilst Curious Minds is a registered Gateway organisation with DWP, we are not currently collecting job opportunities for a consortium bid ourselves.

North West Launch for Creative Kickstart
Curious Minds and The Factory Academy with Creative & Cultural Skills invite you to attend the North West launch for Creative Kickstart.

Find out more about how you can offer a funded training and employment opportunity for young people through Kickstart, whilst enhancing your business with diverse talent. This session will give you an overview of the Kickstart programme, how and why to get involved and the training support offers available to you in the North West. You’ll hear from both employers and young people already in a Kickstart placement about why it’s important to them.

Tuesday, 20 Apr 15:00

Book Here