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Curious Minds and Anti-Racism

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June 19, 2020
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July 16, 2020
The very first words of our mission statement are ‘Our vision is for an equal society...’. Tackling unequal access to, and through, arts and culture are right at the heart of why Curious Minds exists. We recognise that our work is far from done, and acknowledge we have a long way to go with specific regards to ethnic and racial diversity. Until the day comes when the wonderfully diverse communities of the North West are representatively embedded in our workforce, our programmes and our sector, we will continue our effort to do more and better.

We are future focused and have sharpened our commitment to doing more to be a visibly anti-racist organisation, ensuring those who work with us and for us are in no doubt about our values and expectations. Whilst we know that no one individual or organisation is responsible for systemic inequalities, we want to play our part in ensuring the inequality that people of colour experience in our sector changes.

We are energised by the current momentum around racial inequality and committed to continuing this focus until the job is done. We are making this holding statement because we want to take the time to make sure that our actions have the effect we want. Our newly formed Anti-Racism task team are currently identifying the areas of action that our organisation will focus on and will share our progress via our website.

Update October 2020: Through our continued focus on being an Anti-Racist organisation, we’re very aware of the current debate on appropriate language around race and ethnicity. In direct response to Inc Arts’ #BAMEover Statement for the UK we have now stopped using the term BAME and will aim to be as specific as possible when we talk about cultural identity. We will always try to use terms that are respectful and we take responsibility for keeping ourselves up to date with what is considered acceptable language.

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