Future Proof is an employability course designed to support the development of ‘soft skills’ and young people’s emotional intelligence.

It enables participants to reflect on what motivates them, what they find challenging and how they develop resilience to overcome difficult situations. They learn to articulate examples of these skills to prepare them for the next stage of education, employment or training.
First developed in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire, the course was accredited with the Personal Employability, Achievement and Reflection for Learning (PEARL) Award from GQAL. Following this successful pilot, we created a ‘Train the Trainer’ model for secondary schools, upskilling teachers to deliver the course as part of an enrichment week for Year 10s transitioning into Year 11.

“Securing future careers through lessons in emotional intelligence and interaction with potential employers”

UCLan Student

Future Proof is now available as a non-accredited ‘Train the Trainer’ model for secondary schools, sixth forms and FE colleges and universities.

Aims of Future Proof

  • To develop employability skills and emotional intelligence through creative activities focusing on self-awareness, motivation, empathy, managing feelings and social skills

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of creative and cultural careers by introducing students to a range of industry professionals and progression pathways

Delivery Format

  • Delivered as the equivalent of two full days of training for up to 25 staff
  • Attendees will be fully trained to deliver the Future Proof model of their choice. This includes access to a suite of delivery resources, example lesson plans and PowerPoints
  • The option is available to include multiple settings (for example 10 schools sending two members of staff each). Please note all attendees must to working in the same level of education, such as secondary, FE or HE
  • The option is available to shape the programme around your specific local area needs

If you are interested in discussing how Future Proof can be adapted for your setting and commissioning Curious Minds, please contact Holly Ball, Head of Careers & Employability.