Youth-led Arts in Lancashire

Blaze began in 2009 as an ambitious cultural project that would later be part of WE PLAY, the North West cultural legacy programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A huge part of the programme was for a group of 30 young festival producers to organise and programme Blaze Festival 2012.

When the Olympic Games came to an end a small team of Festival Producers had been given the skills, ambition and vision to carry it forward due to the commitment of staff members. They helped to establish the project and delegate responsibilities to the young people with support from Lancashire County Council and Curious Minds.
Blaze is now an independent charity and is going from strength to strength, creating opportunities for young people to connect, create and collaborate.

Curious Minds has supported Blaze in it's transition from a project to an independent organisation and continues to offer support, mentoring and training opportunities to take Blaze to new heights.

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