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Arts Award

Arts Award supports anyone aged up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through participating in arts activities, experiencing arts events, being inspired by artists and their work, leading their own projects and researching career pathways.

The flexible framework can work with any arts, cultural or media activity. It embraces all interests and abilities and is a nationally recognised qualification.

The 5 different levels can help all young people progress, from those who are having their very first arts experiences, right up to those with advanced skills.

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Curious support for Arts Award

Whether you are delivering Arts Award for the first time or getting ready for your 10th moderation, a bit of time to chat through plans or just to get a bit of reassurance you are on the right track can really help keep you moving forward.

As a trained Arts Award adviser, you can access:
  • Public support surgeries
  • 1-2-1 sessions
  • Case studies and resources
All of which can be accessed via the Adviser Hub

If you have been running Arts Award for a while and are up for a challenge to help you develop your practice even further then please do get in touch. It may be you would like to deliver on a bigger scale, work in partnership with a school or arts organisation or try out a different approach and need a little support.

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Start the arts adventure!

Arts Award Discover is an introductory level, certified by Trinity College London. Work can be recorded in any format - from drawing to photography, collage to video.

Arts Award Discover is designed for ages 5 and above but is open to anyone aged up to 25.

It has three parts.

Discover the arts
Take part in different arts activities

Find out
Experience artists and their work

Show discoveries to others

Explore the arts and be inspired!

Arts Award Explore is and Entry Level 3 Award in the Arts.

Explore is designed for ages 7 and above but is open to anyone aged up to 25.

It has four parts.

Take part in a range of arts activities

Experience the work of artists and arts organisations

Make art to show skills and creativity

Share achievements with others

Take part in the arts and share new skills!

Through Bronze Arts Award, young people gain a Level 1 qualification. They create an arts portfolio to record their progress, collecting evidence of what they do along the way.

Bronze is for ages 11 and above but is open to anyone aged up to 25.

It has four parts.

Take part in an arts activity
Choose anything from sculpture to storytelling

Arts review
Experience the arts as an audience member and record a response

Arts inspiration
Research the work and life of an inspiring artist or craftsperson

Arts skills share
Pass on arts skills to others by leading a workshop or by giving a presentation with an explanation of the skills involved

Take on a challenge and lead others!

For Silver Arts Award, young people develop their aarts skills and knowledge and lead an arts project to achieve a Level 2 qualification. Young people build an arts portfolio to track their experiences and show their development, creating and collecting evidence along the way.

Silver Arts Award is designed for ages 14 and above, but is open to anyone aged over 11.

It has two units.

Arts Practice & Pathways

Arts challenge
Set a challenge in a chosen arts activity, make a plan and review progress

Arts review
Record views on shows, exhibitions or events and share these with others

Arts research
Find out about arts activities in the local area and beyond, meet artists and learn about training and career opportunities in the arts

Arts leadership

Young people develop their leadership skills with others by leading workshops or delivering an arts project. They need to plan, deliver and review a project and can work individually or as part of a team. Leadership roles can involve passing on arts/media skills or taking charge of a particular creative aspect.

Develop arts skills and lead the way!

Gold Arts Award is our highest level, through which young people gain a Level 3 qualification and build a portfolio that demonstrates their achievements as an artist and arts leader. It is a great way to evidence soft skills and leadership qualities to future employers.

Gold Arts Award is designed for ages 16 and above, but is open to anyone aged over 11.

It has two units.

Personal Arts Development

Arts practice
Extend arts practice by gaining experience of a new area of the arts and developing something new

The wider arts sector
Get involved in the arts world through placements, volunteering, training and research

Research and review
Go to high-quality arts events for inspiration and find out about the artists and their career paths

Form a view
Go to high-quality arts events for inspiration and find out about the artists and their career paths

Leadership of an arts project

Young people take individual responsibility for researching, planning, running and reviewing their own arts project and managing a public sharing of their own work. Projects can be managed as a group but young people need to take responsibility for a distinct creative part of the project and lead the planning, delivery and evaluation of it.

Upcoming Arts Award Training

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wed23oct10:00 amwed4:30 pmArts Award - Bronze & Silver10:00 am - 4:30 pm Avenham Park Pavilion

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