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Curious Parsons Joins The Team

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July 12, 2013
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August 2, 2013
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This week Curious Minds welcomed a new member to the team. Stewart Parsons who will be our Partnerships and Development coordinator for youth and community. We asked for Stewarts thoughts a couple of days before he joined us and what he is looking forward to bringing to Curious Minds and to the work we do in the North West.

“With two days to go before I start my gleaming new role with Curious Minds as Development and Partnerships Co-Ordinator, I have been encouraged to tell everyone a little about myself. A typical Leo, this is often a dangerous and hazardous request but I will try and be succinct and not ramble on TOO much.

The fact I am moving into the Curious Minds team feels like a seamless transition from my two previous roles leading the Cultural Youth Offer for Lancashire Libraries and, more recently, co-ordinating the Cultural Youth Offer for The Lancashire Arts Development Service.
The library role, in particular  and the new Curious Minds post, certainly dovetail sweetly and having met and liaised with many of the Curious Minds team over the last few years and understanding their shared drive and passion  for culture, the arts and young people, I really cannot wait to start.

My work with Get It Loud In Libraries and several other digital, literary and fashion projects has long taught me what wonderful, enduring empowerment can fuel young people when meaningfully engaged by the arts. When the young have opportunity to lead and to excel, they often grasp the opportunity with both hands, run with it, and are loath to let go. To be in a position to afford young people such life chances is a rare privilege and one that I believe cannot be maximised enough.

Improving the ‘future self’ of young people in our local communities through art, participation and creativity builds strong cultural capital for the society of tomorrow and to work with people who share such values is a rare and exclusive thing.

So, culture, arts, music bound up in youth opportunity is a major passion.  Equally diverting is my dachshund Stanley, a work of art in himself; Preston North End; reading crime fiction in a thunderstorm; wild swimming; and Pinot Noir. But I feel the rambling gene kicking in so will sign off there.

Looking forward to the new challenge ahead and brilliant new futures.

Stewart Parsons

Welcome to the team Stewart and we are all looking forward to working with you.

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