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Changes to Artsmark

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November 6, 2014
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Arts Council England have announced important changes to Artsmark

  • A new refreshed Artsmark will be introduced in September 2015, with an extensive pilot taking place between April and July. If you are keen to explore the impact of having rich arts provision, you are encouraged to either get involved in the pilot or apply from September 2015.
  • If you were considering making an Artsmark application this year and haven’t yet started, you are also encouraged to wait and get involved in the pilot or apply from September 2015.
  • If you have already started an application, you have until 30th January to complete it.
  • If you achieved Artsmark in 2012 and where due to reapply this year, your award will be extended so you can reapply from September 2015.

We will share more information as it becomes available.

Arts Council England have issued the following statement regarding Artsmark:

Children and young people across England often experience arts and culture for the first time through school.

The Arts Council’s Artsmark supports schools in doing this. It is a straightforward way for schools to demonstrate their approach to a broad and balanced curriculum as required by the new Ofsted inspection framework, and supports them to deliver the new curriculum.

Arts Council England is currently updating Artsmark so that it can be as effective as possible in this support, and in helping  us to achieve our ambition of ensuring all children and young people have access to high quality arts and culture, as part of our strategy Achieving great art and culture for everyone.

Our refreshed Artsmark will be an irresistible way for schools and other educational settings to demonstrate and celebrate the impact of their arts and culture activity and to work even harder to help us improve this provision for children and young people.

Our refreshed Artsmark will ‘go live’ from Autumn 2015, with extensive piloting from April 2015.

Due to these developments, Arts Council and Trinity College London have agreed steps to ensure a smooth transition to the new Artsmark. Schools and other settings that have already started their application have until 30 January 2015 to complete them.

Schools and organisations that have not yet started their applications and wish to participate in Artsmark will be encouraged either to get involved in piloting, which will run from April 2015 to July 2015, or apply when Artsmark is formally launched in September 2015. Arts Council, Trinity College London and Bridge organisations will keep schools and others updated on developments.

Schools who received their Artsmark status in Spring / Summer 2012 will have their award extended for a year so that they can reapply from September 2015.

We are excited by this major development and are confident that the new Artsmark designed by and for schools and teachers, will ensure a rich and high quality arts and cultural offer within schools, meaning that many more young people can experience the best arts and cultural experiences.

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